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Dove522 – posted 12 May 2005 09:31


I just laid some new Bermuda Sod in my front yard a few weeks ago. It has taken very well. but my yard is now very “uneven”. I have already aerated this year. My question is, should I have my yard sanded this year or wait until next Spring when the sod is fully taken. I live in Atlanta GA. Thanks for any advise you can give!

Turfmiester – posted 12 May 2005 19:43


Top dressing can be done any time. Put a generous amount in the joints and sweep it in with a push broom.

cohiba – posted 13 May 2005 05:36


If you are filling joints you can get some dried and bagged sand. Make sure it is kiln dried. Buy a cheap watering can with a screw off head. Remove the head, add sand and pour the sand into the gaps of the sod. If you are sodding with bluegrass,or fescue, you can add seed to the sand and make divot mix. This will allow the gaps to fill even quicker. Reminder: The gaps are there because the sod was not properly installed or allowed to dry out- excessively.

Do not add seed to Southern grasses they will fill in on thier own.

Just some thoughts…………..

Half-A-Life – posted 12 June 2005 11:41


I have a reel cutlawn mower and I want to keep my grass as short as I possibly can. I hav my lower somewhat low right now but I basically keep cutting the green off my grass. I know the season is still young but I am wondering if sanding the entire yard to where bascially nothing but sand is showing when completed is what I should do. Then I am assuming the blades would grow through and nothing but the green blade would be above the sand that was laid down. Am I correct on this assumtion as well? Is snding something tha I can do myself or is it best left to an expert? Is there a tool to rent? To get t looking like a fairway is my goal.

wdrake – posted 12 June 2005 13:06


“…. cutting the green off my grass…”That is short!

cohiba – posted 12 June 2005 15:26


It really depends on your turfgrass variety. You will be able to keep the turf at 3/8″, or fairway hieght, with the proper varieties. Regardless, after you topdress, the crown will emerge through the sand. Continually mowing all the green off will kill your grass, eventually.

Bottom line is: Mow your lawn within the proper height range for your variety or type of turfgrass.

Poa goes as low as .118″………………

Half-A-Life – posted 12 June 2005 18:05


it is Bermuda.. go figure right. I’d rather have Emerald Zoysia but w/e. It isn’t cut that low actually. Some portions are green, other portions are brown. I think I’ll grab a bag of sand from home depot and try an area and see what happens with it his year. The mower I have is a p.o.s. McLane that I highly do not recomend. I’m in the Powder Springs Ga. area. It looks like the portions that are brown are just grass that hasn’t greened up yet or is dead.

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