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Penexco – posted 25 August 2008 18:40

Any reocmmendations on selective control of torpedograss in St. Augustine lawn. If not, how about Roundup at increased rate, then standard cut out and re-sod ?

landscapelifer – posted 30 August 2008 15:32

Sorry to say in my experience, torpedo grass is gonna call for some severe events to be rid of, like digging out 2 feet down with a bobcat and stripping. That stuff is bad and it’s name is in no way off-target. Deep, extensive, compartmentalized root system laughes in the face of even concetrated herbicides…and selective control-No Way. St Aug is too weak to withstand the chemical onslaught required to even put a dent in that Torpedo grass. Vegatative kill can be successful, but complete rootzone, I’ve never seen it. Has anyone? Recommendation – Live with it as best you can.

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