Questions about new sod

Questions about new sod

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GA girl – posted 02 May 2005 06:29

I live in Atlanta. We just laid fescue. The guy who delivered it said to water it for an inch and a half for the 1st day and then water is about 20 minutes every day for a week.

A friend who used to do landscaping told me to water it twice a day every day for at least a week.

However, I’ve read in different places that I need to be careful because of fungus.

Can anyone give me a 3rd opinion on how much to water it?

So far, I’ve done what the guy who delivered it said (we put it down Saturday). I did water the edges that get almost full sun twice Sunday because they were looking a little rough. But I really don’t want to get root rot or fungus or anything. I’m extra paranoid.

Also, do I put down seed to fillup gaps now and just water as usual? Or do I wait and put it down in a week or so?

When can I first mow it?

Ga Girl – posted 02 May 2005 17:01

I came home and found the part of my yard that gets the most sun looking a little rough so I’m watering it, but only that part. Is that ok, even though it’s a little late. There are about 4 squares in that part looking a little pekid.

It’s fescue and I’m in atlanta.

br549 – posted 02 May 2005 18:28

We do not know how much “20 minutes” is.I advise my customers to water about the same the first day,a GOOD SOAKING.Then about half an inch once a day until a good rain comes along.A fungus problem is secondary to the primary objective of making the grass live.Do not mow until roots are established.This can be determined by trying to pick up a piece of planted sod.If it comes up,the roots have not set yet.Look for tiny white roots on bottom.These will begin in several days.Mow when roots keep you from pulling the pieces. My ideas.

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