Applying Iron to yard

Applying Iron to yard

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bwmaier – posted 04 May 2005 13:53

I have hybrid bermuda and live near Atlanta, GA. I am a homeowner and want to make my yard that dark green color, but I want to do it without puting more than about 6# of 16-4-8 per 1k on the grass. I’ve got a pH of around 5.9. Can I use iron? If so, how much and which form (granular or liquid) will be easiest for a homeowner to do so that it is both uniform and does not stain the concrete sidewalkes/driveway? I live near a Lesco. Thanks in advance.

ted – posted 04 May 2005 18:29

you need to raise your ph. you can use more than 1 pound of actual nitrogen on the bermuda this time of year, no problem. granular iron will not stain if it’s blown off quickly.

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 13 May 2005 21:14

My soil is pulverized white limestone so it might not work for you like it works for us, but you might try greensand as an iron source. It takes 3 weeks for it to work but it seems to work twice as good a Ironite in Texas soil.

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