Need help

Need help

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Reggie – posted 07 May 2005 07:12

I recently bought a house on 1 acre. The front yard is Bermuda grass, and the back yard was sodded in Bermuda grass about 30 feet out from the house.

The front yard looks pretty good with a few sparse weeds here or there. I put pre-emergent down a month ago and a fertilizer down a few days ago.

The back yard has more weeds, probably from my lack of maintenance. It also has a lot of fescue clumps. A few days ago I treated it with a Weed-n-feed.

Beyond the 30 feet of bermuda in the back there is some decent fescue for about 20 feet and then it tunrs into sparse grass/weeds.

After the initial 30 feet in the back ther are a ton of trees. Estimation would be about 50. So there is a lot of shade.

My thoughts are I would like to keep the front in Bermuda, as it is dong well. Save the Bermuda (30 Feet from the house) in the back, and then overseed the back with something that will grow, while killng the weeds.

What is the best way to undertake ths project. I am looking for all suggestions:

? Bring in dirt and replant?? Overseed?

i realize this is a multiple part question but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Other Relevant Information:

Live in OklahomaGrass is about 2 years old(sod)

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