Image (Imazaquin) & Crabgrass

Image (Imazaquin) & Crabgrass

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hankhill – posted 27 May 2006 00:13

I had some patches of crabgrass in mySt. Augustine and read on the label thatimage (imazaquin) will control it, so itapplied it at the rate suggested by thelabel (with surfactant), and am verydisappointed. It severely injured bigpatches of my St. Augustine (much morearea than I sprayed–I guess the runnerstransport it further) and did *nothing*to the crabgrass.

I had already seen injury caused by blanketspraying of image, but had thought spottreatment would be OK. I was going touse Sedgehammer/Manage for nutsedge, because it injures the turf less, butkept the image around for crabgrass control.

I can’t use the common crabgrass controls(arsenic-based) on St. Augustine, so I guessI need to keep looking. Maybe atrazine?

[Update: I pulled the seedheads from thetrash to confirm the ID and the weed maybe dallisgrass, which is NOT listed onthe image label. However, the damageto my St. Augustine is real.]

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BuckinNC – posted 28 May 2006 18:51

Image is excellent for Nutsedge and some other weeds. But, as you have observed, many turf species do not well tolerate the product. There is, I have found, an acceptable work-around.

Image really needs to get to the roots of the weed. And when properly applied it needs to be wet-down. It will not kill Nutsedge as, say Round-Up, where the product translocates from the plant to the root – it must get through the soil to the root. Unfortunately, many turf species cannot tolerate the product on the plant and it withers. So, I take my pump-up sprayer, put it right at the intersection of the weed and the soil and shoot the solution right into the ground. Thereafter I flush the spot with a cup or two of water to get it to the roots. No Image on the turf blades, flushed directly to the root of the plant — problem solved.

So bacically you take them out one weed at a time – can’t just spray the whole area. But it saves the truf and kills the weed.

BuckinNC – posted 28 May 2006 18:54

Oh, yeah, if you have crabgrass I’d suggest that you try Southern Speed-Zone – only thing I have found that nails it and not my 419.

hankhill – posted 28 May 2006 22:25

According to Lesco’s database, “Speedzone Southern” is a herbicidetargeted only at broadleaf weeds.It’s not labeled for crabgrass control.

tgrass1 – posted 04 April 2008 09:49

You have to be patient with image. It does need to be watered in like above posts states. Careful not to apply to stressed turf (drought, transition, ect..) I’ve had success with it.

Apple – posted 03 May 2008 06:24

If you need to get rid of crabgrass then in the morning when the dew has set take some baking soda out and sprinkle it over it. Within 5 days it’ll be about gone. One more application may be needed. The commercial product for this is Agralawn, but the active ingredients are baking soda and cinnamon. No reason to spend big money when for pennies its’ in your cupboard.

jackstillwaggon – posted 02 August 2009 05:32

imazaquin can only be used on healthy actively growing turf grass. grass can not be stressout. and must be watered in after aplication.atrazine is the best for crab grass I have found. but can not be used when temps are above 90 degress. And there should be no rain or watering of the lawn for 72 hours.Best time to kill crab grass is late fall or early spring if you wait till mid summer your only going to see more come up from the seeds that have been dispersed by the plant already. P.S. Please excuse my spelling

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