Weed identification – Seville Lawn

Weed identification – Seville Lawn

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WaltH – posted 08 January 2006 17:34


I’ve been pretty faithful in using Scott’s bonus S on my Seville lawn.

Currently, I have the follow weeds in the yard, more so in the back (more sun) than in the front (filtered sun).

Can someone help me ID these weeds so that I can “terminate” them?



entomologist – posted 21 January 2006 00:40

Image#1 Clover Family(Is that pink flowers?)Image#2 Spreading Day FlowerImage#3 I need a picture of it’s flowerImage#4 Large Brown Patch FungusImage#5 Large Brown Patch Fungus

seed – posted 23 January 2006 11:18

#1 is common pink woodsorrel, Oxalis debilis var. corymbosa

Here are more images:http://plantatlas.usf.edu/images.asp?plantID=1641


sydney472 – posted 08 February 2006 10:46

Hey, I have these clover type weeds all over my dormant Bermuda brass. They resemble the image #1 in the other posts, however, they don’t have any flowers. I was told to use Round-UP on them, becasue it won’t hurt dormant Bermuda. Any suggestions on what to use or if Round-UP is OK???

Alex_in_FL – posted 25 February 2006 07:57

If your bermuda is dormant go with roundup. Dormant grass does not absorb it and roundup becomes ineffective once it hits the ground.


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