St. Augustine Weed

St. Augustine Weed

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Snapper – posted 19 September 2005 07:12

Howdy All

The best way to describe the weed I’m talking about is a photo. But that doesn’t seem to be an option. So here is my best attempt…

The weed I am talking about is almost a vine; it will have many arms however and grows from a central stock. It has arms are covers with short hairs and it’s leafs are slightly lighter green than the St. Augustine. This weed if pulled up correctly will have a long and usually single tap root that appears to be bulbous and knotted. Some times during the season it will have very small white flowers growing near the leafs.

Broad-leaf St. Augustine weed and feed does not seem to slow these things down. I have put hand-fulls on and around them and the only thing that dies is the grass!

What are these and can you recommend something either spread on or sprayed on to get rid of this?

Upon further review, (Internet searching) the weed seems to be Brazil Pusley. However, I still need advise on what best kills this weed.

Thanks Again


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seed – posted 19 September 2005 09:28

Snapper, it’s going to be tough without a photo. Please send me an image at editor@turfgrass.com


SandiR2 – posted 13 October 2005 09:01

I believe you are dealing with the same weed I am. Virginia Buttonweed.

Here is a picture and information so that you can tell if it is, in fact, the same thing.


Go to the end of the 2nd paragraph and click on “pictures” for ones showing the flowers and the stems/leaves in better detail.

Unfortunately, I’m still trying to find out how to erradicate it from my St. Augustine, so I won’t be much help to you in that area if it is, in fact, what you have.


BuckinNC – posted 17 October 2005 08:44

Go here: http://www.turffiles.ncsu.edu/Home/Default.aspx

A great site mainatined by NCSU. Point to Decision Aids, then Turf and Weed ID. After you have identified your weed go to weed management to figure out what to do next.

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