Atrazine stains

Atrazine stains

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Alberto – posted 11 January 2006 20:05

Help!!Some atrazine granules blew-off to my concrete deck and also into the pool bottom, leaving the consequent ugly brownish stains.Is there any chemical specially formulated to remove these stains?(or homemade brew?)Thanks

Alex_in_FL – posted 25 February 2006 07:54

There are some pool chemicals made specifically for stain removal but I think they may work best for metal stains. Suggest you visit your local pool store. Let me know if you have any success and I am glad to know atrazine will stain pools since I have one. Good luck.


Alberto – posted 27 February 2006 09:06

Thank you very much for the tip.You were right on the mark. It ocurred to me some acidic solution may do the trick and a few weeks ago I just wetted the stains with muriatic acid (as used in pools)and the stains were gone immediately.RegardsAlberto

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