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bwmaier – posted 28 March 2008 09:46

Has anyone used this to fertilize established Bermuda and/or fescue before? Were you pleased with the results? I have been using Lesco products (i.e. 28-5-12) the past few years and was considering trying Milorganite. I have about 8k square feet of Bermuda and 2500 of a KY31/Rebels Independence blend mix in the back. I live in Paulding Co. GA.

smack00 – posted 17 June 2008 09:16

I used it once with fair results. Be careful with this stuff, Milorganite is produced at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, they company claims the product is pasteurized and pathogen free. This may be true. Heavy Metals, and other harmful carcinogens are what worry me.

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