What Pre-emergent

What Pre-emergent

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bassadict69 – posted 22 February 2008 20:22

I have a bermuda lawn & just recently started getting a little greening…only problem is that so far it is all weeds!

Does that mean I am too late for pre-emergent? If not, what do I need?

If too late, what do I need? It is mainly grass type weeds & what kind of looks like clover.

I am in NW Louisiana

efdavis – posted 26 February 2008 18:29

I am also in nw la. you might be somelate but might try atrazine. I spray my bermuda in nov. for winter weedsand again in late feb. for spring weeds.Mine wont need spraying this feb. as have good control, will spray later for crabgrass.

bassadict69 – posted 27 February 2008 19:27

Thanks for the help!

What & when do you normally spray for the crabgrass?

turfdoc1 – posted 28 February 2008 07:30

Oxidiazon (Ronstar) will be your best pre-emerge to use for crabgrass and goosegrass control in the summer but should go out now. If you have broadleaf issues, I would use Prodiamine (Barricade) in conjunction to the oxidiazon. Using the proper rates on the label is key. Be sure to calibrate your spreader properly for best results.

seed – posted 01 March 2008 12:18

Atrazine can be harmful to green bermudagrass.


Alex_in_FL – posted 23 April 2008 16:13

Never to late to apply a pre-emergent in my opinion. Of course applying at the right time gets you the most benefit.

Apple – posted 02 May 2008 16:43

Soil temp will ultimately dictate if a preemergent is effective, thus yearly timing is so important.

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