Killing Bermuda and replacing with Fescue

Killing Bermuda and replacing with Fescue

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Lance – posted 26 February 2008 17:15

I am wanting to kell of my back yard of Bermuda and replace it with Fescue. I have heard you can kill off and seed over and others say to kill off and sod over after a very low mow. Any suggestions (Oklahoma)

turfdoc1 – posted 28 February 2008 07:38

You will probably be better off waiting till mid summer and making a couple of round up applications to make sure you kill out all the bermuda. Leave the bermuda in place to help hold the seed during rain storms before it germinates. It would be best if you could loosen the soil by aerifying or deep verticutting (most rental stores will have both) to prepare a good seed bed and use a good starter fertilizer. If sodding, you will need to weed eat the bermuda as low as possible and again try to loosen the soil before sodding. Bermuda is tough to kill!! Either way you do it make sure you kill the bermuda.

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