know nothing about grass

know nothing about grass

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socaldirt – posted 20 April 2005 23:31

I have recently moved to a property in San Diego on the coast that has a plot of dirt about 13′ x 10′ and I would like to have a little lawn there. I don’t know anything about grass, sod, or seeds. Can anyone recommend either seeding or using sod? The area gets plenty of sunlight until about 5pm and will have little traffic. Also, I don’t own the property and won’t be here longer than a year and a half so something that takes a while to grow isn’t ideal.


tommy – posted 21 April 2005 09:21

Sounds like a good spot for Dichondra! Its not a grass, but a low growing, clover looking ground cover. It grows great in your climate,(in live in San Diego too) and it establish’s quickly from seed. You can find the seed at most garden outlets,(Home depot, Lowe’s, etc.) The only draw back is that snails like to eat it…..so if you have snails in near by shrub areas, make sure to occasionally apply snail bait to those areas. Also make sure the soil is turned over before planting, and buy a box of starter fertilizer along with your seed. (and some ‘kellogg’s Topper’ to cover the seed with…..very lightly….just an 1/8 of an inch.)

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