I need help with my Empire Turf Zoysia lawn (thinning areas, etc)

I need help with my Empire Turf Zoysia lawn (thinning areas, etc)

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vthok – posted 26 April 2010 05:49

2 summers ago I had Empire Turf Zoysia sod laid down completly over my propery (less then 0.2 acres). This year the front yard and most of the backyard is greening up nicely. However I do have some trouble spots which I need help on. First, near my 2 gates of my fence I seem to have very little grass growing.



How can I fix this problem near the gates? What is causing it? Overwatering? I have noticed water tends to collect near these areas.

Also near my AC units I notice this:


Again is this because of shade (side of my house) or overwatering from the AC units?

Lastly I have noticed this near my concrete patio:


I have 2 small dogs and this is around the area they usually urinate on. Could this cause this thinning grass and orange hue in this region?

So overall how can I address these problems? Sod plugs, fertilizers, no more urination, etc?

Thanks for any help you guys can bring.

Alex_in_FL – posted 22 May 2010 07:42

The first area:

Zoysia does not like soggy areas and it does look to wet to me. You may also have shade issues (zoysia grows slowly in shade). So, reduce watering and maybe add some sand to the area.

Dog urine can kill grass – make the dog go in different areas or add a bit of water (via a water can) after the dog urinates to dilute it.

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