My Lawn Care Company Ruined My Lawn

My Lawn Care Company Ruined My Lawn

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MaryJan – posted 07 May 2010 21:21

My yard was beautiful this year. I worked hard on it in the fall spending hundreds in seed and water. I did the same this fall. I even rid it of nimblewill on my own. Unfortunately my lawn care company came this week and burnt my lawn and it looks horrible. Some areas are just totally dead. I am just sick! I am new to the site and don’t see anyway to post pics. I have photos of two weeks ago and present. Any ideas of how I handle the lawn company come Monday. I just want my lovely yard back! I don’t even want to go outside now. The company is a well known large company. Help

Alex_in_FL – posted 15 May 2010 02:33

What type grass? What product(s) did they use?

Any business can make a mistake so be polite but firm. And remember, the person that shows up to treat your lawn is just a technician most likely. He can’t fix your lawn or tell you for sure what the company will do.

You need to call and speak to a manager and have him/her come out and see the lawn.

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