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Clanders – posted 28 May 2012 20:08

I decided to start a new lawn this year and since I wanted to pick a grass that is drought tolerant burmuda was my choice. I live in northwest arkansas so I know that burmuda would be fine. Shortly after seeding a transcontinental type from scotts I thought putting out a little annual rye for a quick green up was a good idea. Big mistake, I’m now 3 months in and can’t get rid of the rye. If I mow low it seems to cause the burmuda to be stressed to the point it looks like its going to die. Should I keep mowing low to get rid of the rye and hope the burmuda pulls through? Fed twice already since march which is when I planted. Please give me some advice, thanks

tommy – posted 29 May 2012 10:52

Hot weather will eventually take out the rye. Continue mowing on the low side, but not lower than 3/4 inch. Annual rye dies out real quick when the hot summer temps arrive.

Clanders – posted 29 May 2012 16:44

That’s what I was thinking. As it is now I have a pretty nice combo of rye and bermuda but it seems the bermuda is just growing tall not out. So I’m hoping once the rye dies out the bermuda will do what it is suppose to. Never will I try to grow two different types of grass again.

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