Zoysia grass

Zoysia grass

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johnboy – posted 20 March 2003 19:03

I live in Ky and my zoysia grass is slowly coming out of dormant. Should I go ahead and start mowing it now. The grass is about 2in tall because I wanted the grass to be warm through the winter. I’m wanting to know is that I’m going to be mowing my yard at 1/2 in and wanted to know should I go ahead and start at 1in now and then go to 1/2. Most of the yard is still in dormant but underneath is turning green. Also when is the best time to topdress. Also want to know if there is a website I can go under on how to maintain zoysia. Thanks, John

johnboy – posted 26 March 2003 16:54

Can someone answer this so I will know what to do to my yard this weekend. Thanks

seed – posted 26 March 2003 17:35

johnboy, while zoysia should have enough rhizomes underground to spring back from scalping, it is safer to go in stages. Reason is that if you suddenly open things up, there could be excess weed growth. Also, unless you have a reel-type mower, you probably won’t get below 1 inch without messing things up.Phil

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