Yellow patches in lawn

Yellow patches in lawn

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Rick & Debbie Cook – posted 05 July 2004 14:17

We live in South Carolina and have an established centiped lawn (15 years). Our soil is sandy to sandy/loam. For the past couple of months we have noticed yellow patches developing in our yard – some as large as 10′ to 15′. We fertilize regularly with 10-10-10 and use a high priced grandulated insecticide by Bayer. Two weeks ago we put Ironite on it per instructions but so far nothing has seemed to make a difference. Anyone with anything similar or any suggentions?

Dchall_San_Antonio – posted 03 September 2004 12:29

Unexplained spots like this, when they respond to nothing, are usually fungus diseases.

You can keep them from happening from year to year by using ordinary corn meal at a rate of 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet every 90 days all year long. You can get rid of the disease once you get it by applying corn meal at a rate of 20 pounds per 1,000. Give it 3 weeks to work.

I get corn meal at a feed store in 50 pound bags for $3-$7.

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