Summer too late to start a lawn?

Summer too late to start a lawn?

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lisab – posted 19 April 2004 18:21

Hi-We’re not moving to our brand new home until July. We live about 5 hrs away right now, so we can go there only once a month. I am right in thinking that you have to water the freshly planted grass a few times a day? Is planting in July too late? Its in Southern Minnesota. any advice is appreciated.Lis

cohiba – posted 23 April 2004 18:14

lisaB, July and August are two hard months for turfgrass. My suggestion to you would be to take those weeks after you move in to get your house in order, and wait until labor day for the lawn. While you wait till the end of the summer:Get soil tests to see what you are working with.Maybe look into irrigation?Choose the correct grass for the soil, area, and shade you have to deal with.Lay out your landscaping?Decide on sod or seed? In any event, deal with the weeds, and start the lawn in late August early September.

Good Luck……..

LisaBradley – posted 24 April 2004 08:00

Thanks! I was afraid we would have to wait until next Spring to plant. But you’re right we will have enough to keep us busy in the Summer. Fall will come earlier than we think. We want to try planting seed, not sod. LisaB

cohiba – posted 25 April 2004 13:07

Lisa, In my opinion: Seed makes a better lawn, in the long run, than sod. Especially in the north. If you can choose a good seed variety and expect to pay a little extra for it. You can check out varieties at www.ntep.org. A neat thing you can do is see what your nieghbors are having trouble with this summer. It could be dollar spot or gray leaf spot whatever. Then go to that website and see if they have a test plot for that problem. Choose your turf based on thier tests and you will be that much further ahead of your nieghbors. Also, please get soil tests. If you need help with analysis you can fax it to me. I’d be glad to help.

Good Luck and enjoy your new home.

ted – posted 25 April 2004 15:32

all good advice- the temps need to be in the 60’s and 70’s for good seed germination. i can’t imagine in Minnesota it gets too much hotter than that for long periods of time even in july and august.

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