How to eliminate St Augustine in my Bermuda

How to eliminate St Augustine in my Bermuda

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LBSAT – posted 12 July 2004 16:37

Despite my efforts, my neighbor’s ST Augustine grass is creeping into my Bermuda (Tiff 419) yard. I’ve had St AUgustine, don’t want it again. I recall reading about a chemical that would kill the St A, but not the Mermuda. Does anyone know what that is? Or another method?

Alex_in_FL – posted 23 July 2004 20:18

You can use any of several herbicides. Go to walmart and find one that is compatible with bermuda and it will very likely control or kill the St Augustine. 2,4D is one example.

Just avoid Atrazine, Fluazifop, Image and Manage. The first two kill bermuda and the later two are compatible with St Augustine.


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