Will Bahiagrass overtake St. Augustine?

Will Bahiagrass overtake St. Augustine?

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joanzach – posted 03 November 2010 12:47

Recently we applied to the HOA to replace our St. Augustine with Bahiagrass.

Despite several resods, we’ve never been successful cultivating St. Augustine on our property. (I suspect that our neighbors are only successful because they use large amounts of irrigation, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides). We want a Florida-friendly yard. The first principle is “Right plant, right place.”

Our application was rejected by the Architectural Review Committee because they said that they were concerned about our Bahiagrass overtaking our neighbors’ St. Augustine.

Is this a valid concern? How can we address it?

Thanks so much!

turfgrass – posted 03 November 2010 18:39

it’s a pretty valid concern, but can be easily addressed with “metsulfuron”.

why not centipede?

turfgrass – posted 03 November 2010 18:41

actually, I take that back.

if you poison your neighbors’ St. Augustine w/ Centipede they’ll never forgive you.

bahia would be much easier for them to get rid of, it’s just so damn unsightly.

you must like mowing…..a lot.

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