Trying to identify Insects in the yard

Trying to identify Insects in the yard

Pennyb1966 – posted 26 March 2005 13:23

Hi, I have a problem in my yard with mounds of dirt. ( lots of them) small with a small hole in the middle. They are everywhere and almost look like ant hills but there are no ants. you can kick them up and out comes almost like a cork. I’m clueless as to what this is and what type of damage it is doing to my yard. Any help would be apprecitated.Penny

Turfmiester – posted 27 March 2005 19:50

From your description it sounds like moles or voles. Do you have grub worms in your yard? If you can take a picture show it to your local county agriculture extension agent, He should be able to identify your problem.

PATRICK – posted 04 May 2005 22:16


hopperro – posted 31 May 2005 18:41

We have a similar problem – a lot of what appear to be ant hills with a large hole in the middle – the entire hill is probably only 1″ high. I saw a little critter in there and it definitely was not a worm. I t appeared to have wings and looked almost like a beetle. Any suggestions anyone????

james – posted 01 June 2005 19:49

mole crickets leave small mounds of dirt when they are traveling under the surface or coming up to feed at night or after irrigation or rainfall

Buck – posted 07 June 2005 12:34

Almost certainly mole crickets, espically if you are in the south.

Check out this excellent resource from NCSU. This is slanted to North Carolina, but I think the info is generalizable.

Go to: http://www.turffiles.ncsu.edu/pubs/insects/entor101.html

mikemaas00 – posted 10 June 2005 14:21

I would get your professional to apply Topchoice or buy over’n’out or ortho max over the counter…anything with fipronil or bifenthrin as the active ingredient should get those damn things. I think a mole cricket looks more like a grasshopper than a beetle, though.

Sandy II – posted 15 August 2005 19:36

I saw your description of the mounds of dirtand knew what you were talking about; theyinsect is called an ant lion. I understandthey eat ants. Sandy

AMCalla – posted 28 August 2005 22:27

Do these insect look a little like a large fat wasp? If so, they are doing no damage to the yard other than their homes. They eat insects though.

The antlion is the proper name for the doodle bug and I don’t think that is your problem.


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