Sod recommendations for Upstate, SC

Sod recommendations for Upstate, SC

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andybull – posted 08 October 2010 06:22

I own property in Tamassee, SC. Ive limed the Fescue hay fields and have had good success with them. I’m now going to work on my yard. It seems like I’m not able to keep some areas sodded. I’ve seeded, fertilized, but not watered on a regular basis (I’ve been an absentee owner.

The economy has forced me to retire and I’ll be living there full time from now on.

Assuming I re-sod the bare areas (2 to 3 thousand square feet). What sod variety would be best to use?



tommy – posted 09 October 2010 11:03

Zoysia is becoming more and more popular because of its lower maint. requirements. Check a local sod farm for zoysia types recommended for your area. Tall fescue is also easy to grow, but requires more mowing. ‘Celebration’ bermuda has also become very popular, and is less expensive than zoysia.

andybull – posted 09 October 2010 11:11

I’ll look into the Zoysia. What about Centipede? I don’t want to be mowing tall Fescue.

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benjammin – posted 16 May 2011 13:50

Centipede doesn’t like shade or traffic so keep that in mind. I have centipede in my front and Empire Zoysia. The centipede was put down by the builder and I went with Empire Z in the back due to shade and the nightmares pearl bugs have caused on too many friend’s centipede lawns. I love the Empire Z but it has had “issues” too, fungus and Billbugs but hopefully this will be the best year yet for the lawn.

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