Soccer Field From Scratch (How To)

Soccer Field From Scratch (How To)

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Jamasutra – posted 22 May 2004 21:06

What’s the best way to build a soccer field from scratch in a tropical climate like Jamaica (a lot like South FL or AL without the winter)…

I saw a post where a member recommended GN-1 Bermuda grass…

What’s the best way to lay this down…will I need top soil and sand etc…


cohiba – posted 24 May 2004 13:37

Jama, What is your site like now? Is drainage needed? I’m sure irrigation is needed. Do you have a good water supply??? If you have soil on site have it tested thoroughly to make sure it is suitable for the turf you choose.

More Later……

tommy – posted 25 May 2004 21:01

GN-1 may not be available in your area , but there should be a sod grower who has a few different selections of bermuda to choose from. Ask a local grower what they have for sports fields.

Jamasutra – posted 30 May 2004 11:19

Well…we have what we call gray water from showers, kitchen etc…and decent rainfall throughout the year…the ground is in bad shape…hard (rock content) and not level…we’re digging up, levelling off and covering with topsoil…should their be anything added before the topsoil…

Thanks for the responses so far…


cohiba – posted 30 May 2004 12:50

The hard rocky ground might need drainage. If you are using gray water then drainage could become even more important. Have the top soil tested by a reputable soil testing lab and follow thier recommendations for the turf you choose. If you need help with the results you can always fax me the info and I’d be glad to check it out for you. Are there any other field managers on the island that would be willing to help with turf selection? This is a more critical decision than getting married. Atleast getting married you can get a divorce. Picking the wrong turf can be worse.

Good Luck…..

Harbormaster – posted 02 June 2004 07:32

You might want to look into Seashore Paspalum. I use it on several of our baseball fields and currently renovating a soccer field from Bermuda to Seashore. If salt content is an issue with irrigation water no problem, it loves salt. Regardless of what type of turf you put down, you will have to have a good suitable, well draining, sand or soil. I have been involved with this type of turf now for about three years in Southwest Florida and am very impressed with it. Do a search on the net on paspalum and see what you think.

Jamasutra – posted 05 June 2004 08:27

Thanks…will look into it…Jama

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