Rebels and Jaguar Grass Seed

Rebels and Jaguar Grass Seed

Lexx Law – posted 15 April 2005 06:21

Need some help. I recently planted Rebels Supreme and Jaguar grass seeds. After I limed and fertilized, I planted the Rebels in my backyard, while the Jag went to the front. (I did this during the last week of March (from the 20th to the 30th). I picked these two brands because I was told (by a Southern States Dealer)that both hold up well under the summer sun and heat of Maryland. Here’s my problem: Almost four weeks have passed and I can barely see any growth (I overseeded both lawns) in the fornt or back. My front yard is semi-shaded and my backyard is exposed to the sun for almost the entire day. Any advice would be apprciated….

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