pen bahia

pen bahia

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swunderle – posted 24 August 2002 17:01

I have been trying to decide what type of sod to put in my front yard. I like pensocola bahia, Would it be ok to use this type in pinellas county florida? have not seen any here..

seed – posted 24 August 2002 17:44

swunderle, generally Argentine bahiagrass is better for lawns than Pensacola bahiagrass. The Argentine variety has broader leaves, but they are more prostrate which makes them hide the ground better. Any bahiagrass is likely to have problems in small landscapes. First, it can’t stand the shade; full direct sun is best. Second, bahiagrass tends to do best in large open areas, as it is often weedy along the borders or the edges of the grass line, so for a small landscape with lots of curbing, tree islands, etc., driveway, frontiers from which weeds will get established, weeds can be a problem. I would consider an unbroken turf expanse of 30 or more feet across to be “large”; 10 feet or less would be “small.” Bahiagrass does well in Florida with no supplemental irrigation, especially during the winter when it naturally goes dormant; watering to keep it green in winter encourages weeds. It may need at least once per week mowing for a few months in the summer. It does well with infrequent fertilization.


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