Overseeding St Augustine

Overseeding St Augustine

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jan8j – posted 29 August 2005 12:11

Hi, I live south of Austin TX. Our lawn has St Augustine, which isn’t liking all the sun our yard gets. I would like to clean all the dead grass with power raking or whatever this fall and then overseed next spring with something like Buffalo grass, which I hope will eventually take over. Does anyone know if Buffalo grass would work well for overseeding St Augustine? My dad used to mix St Augustine and Bermuda, so that would be another option.

AMCalla – posted 30 August 2005 12:49

Buffalo grass is very drought resistant and takes full sun very well, but it isn’t a very tough grass. I do not believe that it will take over the St Augustine unless you killed it.

Buffalo grass is also very susceptible to weeds and insects. Do research before you decide on this course. I hated the Buffalo grass that the builder put in the yard. It looked like a yard of weeds to me. I planted St Augustine on it. My yard is also full sun except for the east side of the house.


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