Lawn Business For Sale Scam

Lawn Business For Sale Scam

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LawnTard – posted 15 April 2012 16:11

Watch out Guys! I got ripped off by a guy named Kevin Ray Capps who is sold me a lawn care company that he also sold to 3 or 4 other people. If you’re thinking about buying a lawn care company or investing in a lawn care company in the Denton Texas area you should know some things… Kevin Capps has been scamming people on CraigsList for several years now and pled guilty to four counts of felony theft recently. He was ordered by the Judge to pay the victims back $67,000. He claims to own a lawn business with most of the accounts in the Denton Texas area.

These are the names of the businesses he’s claimed to own in the past.Lawn Ventures IncLone Star Lawn and LandscapingOC Lawn CareOperation Cut Lawn and Tree ServicesLawn Ventures LLC

Kevin Capps was an attorney so he attempts to use his knowlege of the law to try to skirt the letter of the law and also to intimidate his victims when they become aware that they’ve been scammed. He has already spent time in prison for embezzlement and has lost his license to pratice law. http://www.supreme.courts.state.tx.us/miscdocket/04/04918500.PDF

It looks like for the time being he’s been distracted by younger targets http://www.jailbase.com/en/arrested/tx-dcso/2012-02-21/kevin-ray-capps-492483 but I suspect he will be back to running the scam shortly.

Kevin Capps Ray Lawn Care Scam Fraud

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