High tempiture Fertilization

High tempiture Fertilization

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RiverClubOwner – posted 22 June 2011 17:53

On 6/20 at 12:45pm the temp was 92 went to 95+ later that day. A national company put nitrogen/talstar/manor/urea on my grass The next day day turned brown I watered heavy today will it come back or did the kill my grass

jeffaggie – posted 01 August 2011 14:55

It should come back, so long as the Manor application wasnt to high of a rate. Urea, in Summer is probaly the biggest problem. You can fertilize in the Heat in Houston but with the humidity you have to becareful with quick releasing fertilizers like Ammonium Sulfate and Urea. As always, fertilizers should be watered in immediately after application.

RiverClubOwner – posted 01 August 2011 15:24

Thanks, it did because we had three straight days of rain and high temps. They sent the tech back out and he put down potash but along with the grass the weeds( nutsedge )are going wild !

jeffaggie – posted 03 August 2011 11:59

You can get rid of the nutsedge pretty easy with Sedgehammer(Halosulfuron-Methyl) .9grams per 1000ft2 per gallon with a nonionic Surfactant. You can buy a bottle 1.3oz/$150ish(1acres worth) or they sell packs for spottreatments for around $12-$15. This stuff works great on nutsedge and has no phyto-toxicity to any warm season grasses. It is a little slow to work but with our temps is should have complete death in 3 weeks or so. You can get it at John Deere Landscapes, Ewing or Southwest Fert may have it.

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