grass brown at the base

grass brown at the base

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RickB – posted 10 May 2009 22:02

i live in st. louis, mo, I have no idea what type of grass I have but its a new home, approx 3 years old, i’ve neglected the lawn aside from regular mowing until now…recently fertilized, sowed seed in a few bad spots, selective herbicide etc…the basics….

upon examining the individual grass blades, the top 2/3 is green but the base is surrounded by a brown, thin sheath, its as if the grass blade is growing out of the sheath, the lawn looks good but its just annoying to see the brown layer beneath the green layer, i dethatched a couple weeks ago and removed a bunch of junk, but this problem is part of the grass blade itself, not dead organic material just sitting on the ground

advice?? thanks

saltcedar – posted 11 May 2009 09:50

You may have Zoysia which is prone to show brown old growth. It will outgrow this and decay eventually. Next Spring you might scalp the lawn to near the soil line which eliminates they dead growth and allows the green to show.

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