Would you use a BioPac’r ?

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    There is new type of grass handling device that compacts fresh grass clippings and packages them into an airtight 1-ton super sack where the fresh clippings ensile anaerobically (ferment/pickle) into a pesticide-free magazines like cattle silage.

    The BioPac’r is showing up in TURF, Lawn & Landscape, Golfdom, Forbes, Farm Journal, Small Farm Canada, Landscape Management, etc. For those of you that bag grass clipping the BioPac’r can eliminate trips to a landfill saving dump fees and the labor associated with going to a landfill. If you still want to go to a landfill and bypass making cattle feed, the BioPac’r can hold 5-7 acres of grass clippings and this could at the very least, cut out many trips each week and still saving you a bundle.

    Grass Clipping Silage is selling for $100/ton !!


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