centipede overtaking bermuda

centipede overtaking bermuda

gtpeace – posted 05 June 2004 06:38

I live in Savannah GA with a Bermuda lawn. 99% of neighborhood has centipede. Problem is that centipede seems to be trying to taking over my lawn. I prefer the hardiness and texture of the bermuda. Is there anything I can put down to stop the centipede growth?

y2b – posted 05 June 2004 11:44

I would landscape a bed of mulch and low shrubs on each side of the yard creating a barrier, maybe even with some landscaping timber or something like that. I’m sure your HOA & neighbors would approve

gtpeace – posted 05 June 2004 14:27

I have a pretty nice barrier. I already have centipede trying to establish it throughout the yard though. Is there anything that I can apply to kill out the centipede without harming the bermuda? Thanks…

OldFarmBoy – posted 18 July 2004 14:13

You can use MSMA on bermuda which you can get at most Garden Centers. I am fairly sure that MSMA will KILL centipede dead. Make sure when applying this or any other herbicide there is little to no wind – you don’t want your neighbors showing up on your doorstep! Use the rate as specified on the label – don’t over do it. I believe MSMA has arsnic in it, so make sure you are careful and wash up thoroughly afterward, including your sprayer, etc….

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