Can I reseed on sod?

Can I reseed on sod?

SadSod – posted 24 September 2005 18:32

I had new sod put in last year and it looked wonderful! This year, we had to deal with a very HOT summer and had no rain at all. Although I watered the lawn, it seems that I have brown spots all over – here’s my question, Can I reseed Sod? if so, how do I do it? I would like to spread seeds on top but when I till the sod, of course, I get the stringy green things that holds it (sorry, don’t know what it’s called). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

blue grass – posted 29 September 2005 12:34

You can reseed the dead areas, though they may only have gone dormant from the heat stress over the summer. Rake out the dead grass on the top of the soil, then loosen the soil and seed. This time of year you will see new growth within days.

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