Can Anyone identify this weed?

Can Anyone identify this weed?

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AustinAl – posted 02 August 2011 16:27

Can anyone identify this weed, growing in my emerald zoyzia lawn? It is a wiry, tough weed which appears to propagate with rhizomes. Stem and roots very tough. Spreads through the turf and you can often pull up chains as long as 24 inches.


jeffaggie – posted 03 August 2011 19:14

I couldn’t get the picture to work, can you post another

jeffaggie – posted 03 August 2011 19:19

I got it. That is common Bermuda grass. Tough to control in zoysia. Fusillade can suppress the Bermuda, but you have to be very careful with application rates. Or gather as many of the grasses runners as you can and rub Roundup on it with a cloth soaked in Roundup,

AustinAl – posted 05 August 2011 17:40

Any ideas as to coverage and application methods for the Fusillade? I have a bunch of this stuff in my Zoyzia and am afraid that it will take forever to use the Roundup by hand method.

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