Ball-like mushroom or fungus

Ball-like mushroom or fungus

jackie – posted 28 November 2002 07:26

I live in NJ, my lawn is in good condition except for a white ball like mushroom or fungus that I find in different areas of the lawn. The first time I saw one I did think it was a ball but lately I’m finding more and more of them. I just dig them out and put dirt back in the hole. How do I get rid of them altogether?

frenchman – posted 28 November 2002 21:33

Mushrooms are a sign of fungus. It sounds like you have fairy rings. You’ll need to spray some Pro-star or something for fairy rings.

jackie – posted 29 November 2002 20:12

I’m confused…the pictures that I see of fairy rings do not look like this. These balls grow underground…the grass grows over them…I just happen to see them when I’m gardening or mowing the lawn. I’m afraid if I use something like Prostar it will destroy that portion of my lawn.

frenchman – posted 30 November 2002 12:19

Pro-star will not kill the grass and now I’m confuse. You have mushrooms under the ground. It’s not white grubs curled up is it?

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