Bermuda or Crab grass

Bermuda or Crab grass

Confused – posted 21 November 2002 18:51

My lawn has been taken over in two large areas that we aren’t sure if it is Bermuda or Crab grass. Very low growing,came in late summer.It’s still green even though temperatures have been in the 40-60 degree.Spread very rapidly.Lots of runners and roots.Lawn is only 2 years old.Help!

Will-PCB – posted 22 November 2002 07:37

quote:My lawn has been taken over in two large areas that we aren’t sure if it is Bermuda or Crab grass.

Does your grass look like this:Crabgrass, Digitaria ischaemum.

Or does it look like this:Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon).

Both can spread very rapidly. I am assuming that with either, you are looking to irradicate it from you (?)lawn?

In order to get any specific help on these forums, could you please update us with your lawn type and density of undesired grass.


confused – posted 22 November 2002 18:48

Thank you for your help.It looks from the picture you posted I have Crab Grass.We are in Piedmont North Carolina and our lawn is Confederate Fescue. Our lawn is very thick and green even now in late Nov.Whats best action to keep this under control.

Will-PCB – posted 23 November 2002 04:56

Without much knowlege of what type of herbicide fescue is tolerant of, I would suggest just pulling the crabgrass. Nice thing about crabgrass is, is that it pulls fairly easily. I’m surprised that your crabgrass is still growing. Mine went dormant here in NW Florida (or atleast what I have pulled hasnt come back). I have heard that fescue grows pretty quickly, so I’d guess that it would fill the hole fairly rapidly. You could place a pre-emergent herbicide down and that should help some come Spring, but dont be surprised if you dont have to spend a little time while mowing pulling some crabgrass patches next year.


confused – posted 23 November 2002 06:12

Thank you Phil.We are reseeding these places we killed with round now..We’ll see what next Spring brings.You may here from me again then.


Will-PCB – posted 23 November 2002 19:37

Well, I am not Phil (a.k.a. “seed”), but hopefully everything will end up ok this Spring.

Keep us posted!


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