Zoysia Question

Zoysia Question

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cwdusheke – posted 04 October 2013 21:34

I have a question for those zoysia experts.

About a month ago I plugged zoysia throughout my lawn. In addition, I seeded zoysia grass seed. I noticed two weeks ago, little grass starting to grow.

I looked on the internet, but can’t find pictures of zoysia when it first starts to grow.

I have pics, but don’t see where I can attach the pic on this forum.

Does anybody have a linke of what zoysia looks like when it first starts to grow?

pyro – posted 08 October 2013 14:10

looks just like the full grown plant, just little sprigs. you have to use photobucket or something similar and put the links in your post. it is never recommended to plug/seed grow zoysia due to its slow growth and chances of weeds taking over before it fills in.

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