Zoysia Choke out

Zoysia Choke out

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Sid Poole – posted 04 September 2014 19:59

I sodded my lawn with Meyer z52 14 years ago when I built my house. I live on a zero lot line and the houses on either side of me have bermuda grass. I use a lawn service that mows multiple lawns none of which have zoysia. Bermuda grass is slowly overtaking my zoysia. I had always heard that zoysia would be so thick that the bermuda could not get grow and get established in your lawn. This is not the case for me. How can I get rid of the bermuda,without killing the zoysia, and prevent it from continuing to spread into my lawn ?

mrmumbels – posted 05 September 2014 21:07

Fusilade II + Turflon Ester

Google those 2 chemicals and Bermuda + Zoysia

Have fun

The fusillade II is strong and will kill both grasses but the Turflon mixed in will decrease the effects on the Zoysia.


I purchased both chemicals but never did try them. And I have recently sold my house so I have no need for it on my new zoysia lawn since there’s no Bermuda in the whole neighborhood.

If you’re surrounded by Bermuda you’d be better off moving 😛 You’ll never keep it fully out as these chemicals don’t completely kill it off.

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