neighbor needs help

neighbor needs help

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leweezo – posted 07 July 2014 07:39

My neighbor just laid 9 pallets of Jamur Zoysia (July 1st) Even though he has been doing regular watering with his nice sprinler system, the zoysia has alot of it has turned brown. I know it can go dormant when it goes through a stress situation (mine was laid in winter and was dormant but due to a HUGE drought it did not turn green til late July) Of course he is very worried and contacted the grass farm. I am a little worried about the advice he got. They said to REALLY put the water to it for 3 weeks. So much water that it makes the soil really soft. I think that is a bad idea but I am no sod farmer.. I agree with watering it a little more because its July but I think that mushy soil is a bad thing. I want to give him good advice so I need yours.


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