Zoysia grass

Zoysia grass

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aspj18 – posted 30 June 2001 11:50

I’m having trouble with my zoysia grass.It may be some type of fungus, there is anorange or rust colored substance coveringthe grass (especially under my oak trees.)Can anyone help me.Thanks in advance

seed – posted 02 July 2001 08:28


Puccinia rust is a fungus disease that occasionally infects zoysiagrass (and most other turfgrasses), particularly in the southeastern US and the moister parts of the Midwest. If this is what your turf has, then the orange or rust colored appearance is due to microscopic pustules or uredinia which are liberating their spores to infect other areas. By gently rubbing a tissue over the leaves you may notice some rust colored dust, which represents the actual spores, come off onto the tissue. Normally rust attacks grass that is already weakened. In general, you should water infrequently, preferably in the early morning, so that the turf does not go into the evening in a damp condition. Leaf wetness is necessary for spore germination, and low light helps.


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