Sedgenut Control

Sedgenut Control

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jeff – posted 11 July 2001 08:25

Does anyone have a good recipe for Purple sedgenut control in Tifway 419 bermuda

seed – posted 11 July 2001 18:00

Jeff, two chemical products are labeled for purple nutsedge, Cyperus rotundus, control in various turfgrasses including bermudagrass. They are:

1. Manage (Monsanto) containing halosufuron2. Image 70 DG (BASF) containing imazaquin

Both products have additional cautions on the label, for example, Image 70 DG cannot be applied to golf or bowling greens. Also, Image is harmful to and will actually control bahiagrass, ryegrasses, and tall fescue.

I believe that you may find small-quantity containers of one of these, probably Manage, at retail garden stores and hardware outlets.

In my personal experience, Image is the hotter of these products, and I have seen delayed recovery of bermudagrass.


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