Where can I find commercial grade fertilizer?

Where can I find commercial grade fertilizer?

jk33 – posted 18 March 2005 12:45

Hello everyone, this is my first post. Can anyone tell me where I can find wholesae commercial fertilizer? Any help would be appreciated.

cohiba – posted 18 March 2005 14:05


Check your local yellow pages under Farm Supply or go to Lesco’s website. Where are you located? You must have an Ag supply store near you somewhere.

Good luck……..

jk33 – posted 18 March 2005 18:34

Thank you for the info. Do you have any idea where I can find a liquid concentrate? Not the one that you attach to a water hose but something that I can add to gallons of water

cohiba – posted 21 March 2005 15:06

jk33,Liquid fertilizer can be purchased by a few companies near me. I am in southern NJ. I know of suppliers in Northern NJ, eastern Pa. and Delaware. I also have a supplier in Ga.

Are you mixing with a sprayer or do you have a fertigation system? I apply with both methods. I use about 1000 gallons/year of really nice 18-3-16, 30% slow release nitrogen made by PlantFood Co. in North Jersey.

What quantities are you looking for? Any anaylsis ideas? Most importantly is where are you located?

More ??? than answers….. sorry

jk33 – posted 22 March 2005 06:14

Thanks Cohiba,

I am doing research because I want to start a local lawn service in my area. I realize that the company I use to fertilize my lawn using a liquid mixture in the winter and I was trying to get something comparable. I’m located in Atlanta.

bwmaier – posted 22 March 2005 17:41


I live west of Atlanta and there is a Lesco about 10 minutes from my house (Douglasville). Do you know if they carry a slow release nitrogen fertilizer (for homeowners), or something similar with sulfur coated urea? I have hybrid bermuda (419) and like using my 16-4-8 from Home Depot. I just wanted something in addition to this, with more slow release than the 1.7% Trikote in the current analysis. Thanks.

Buck – posted 23 March 2005 07:53

All products in inventory at your store can be found at: http://www.lesco.com/

Just eneter your zip code and take it from there.


ted – posted 23 March 2005 10:34

yeah, lesco will carry that. pretty generic stuff. as for the liquid fert. post above, alot of lawn care companies will mix urea fertilizer in with water to fertilize (spray) a lawn. liquid just too expensive.

cohiba – posted 23 March 2005 13:33

Ted is right. Alot of companies use urea in bag form and dissolve it into the spray tank(we do it at work also). Fertilizer in liquid form is expensive. You can custom mix your own blends for about 30% the cost of some liquids. The biggest advantage in the liquids is time and consistency. The best thing about dissolving urea is the cold that is generated helps keep your favorite beverage chilled while your making your tank.

cohiba – posted 23 March 2005 13:37


In Ga. I have dealt with Ed Nash. He is with Plant Star. He and his company wrote the book on liquid fertilizer.

Good Luck……………..

ted – posted 23 March 2005 19:49

i didn’t think anybody else knew about the freezing nitrogen thing….

bwmaier – posted 29 March 2005 19:04

When you mention using urea in bag form, I assume you are talking about 34-0-0? If so, what would be a good ratio to dissolve in water to get a nice dark green hybrid bermuda? Being liquid, this will not last as long as the granular product, will it? Thanks for any suggestions.

ted – posted 29 March 2005 19:53

no, we’re talking about mixing it up in a 500 gallon tank. not something a homeowner would do. granular fertilizers are vastly superior in technology to liquid ferts. urea is 46-0-0 and is slow release, atleast by definition. 34-0-0 is the hot stuff- getting very difficult to find i would think, given security issues with it.

Keletso Moswete – posted 21 May 2009 14:01

quote:Originally posted by jk33:Hello everyone, this is my first post. Can anyone tell me where I can find wholesae commercial fertilizer? Any help would be appreciated.

How much do commercial fertilizers cost?Availability of commercial fertilizers?What are the side effects of usig commercial fertilizers(after application and to make them)?What do they do to the soil structure?[/B][QUOTE]

Keletso Moswete – posted 21 May 2009 14:14

What is night soil?Why is night soil used?What are the factors preventing altitude and perception about night soil?help…

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Keletso Moswete – posted 21 May 2009 14:15

quote:Originally posted by Keletso Moswete:What is night soil?Why is night soil used?What are the factors preventing altitude and perception about night soil?help…

Going Green – posted 25 May 2009 13:00

HelloI have been using a liquid concentrated bio-degradeable solution that is called 1227BioWash. I started with it approx 2 months ago and have been very happy with the results. Its a solution that mixes with water either in a hand pump sprayer or a dial indiacated hose end sprayer. Recommended use is 1 ounce per gallon of water for maximun use and 1 ounce per 3-5 gallons for all other lawn applications including flowers ,trees , shrubs and I am also testing the product in a small garden. The cost is 50.00 per gallon for the concentrate that equals $2.56 per useable gallon mixed at the maximun strength. I have really noticed the differance in the garden plants and also have noticed that I have no insect problems with any flowers , roses or any other of the plants. Also remember that this has no pesticides or does it contain any toxic or dangerous chemicals. Its made from natural plant extracts. If this is purchased in larger quanities then the price would be greatly decreased. I do have access to all quanities for 1 gal containers to 250 gal totes. I would be happy to anwser any questions.

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