when to plant fescue

when to plant fescue

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perrietucker – posted 15 December 2003 16:14

When can I plant fescue sod in my backyard. I live in Georgia and I have fescue in my backyard, but some spots have dirt patches where it has not gronw well.Perrie tucker

ted – posted 16 December 2003 09:32

too late for this year. try maybe in april, but a better chance at survival in october.

ted – posted 16 December 2003 09:35

sorry, i was thinking seed- you should be fine in the spring- march april or so- just water lightly and frequently for the first 2-3 weeks and don’t use too much nitrogen going into the fungus season of may/june. your problem will be fertilizing and establishing your new sod without causing too much of a fungus problem.

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