Fescue Question

Fescue Question

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bassadict69 – posted 31 May 2005 08:35

No specifics on which type of Fescue, But does this grass spread? How quickly?

I planted some in full sun & was wondering what to expect from it.

ted – posted 31 May 2005 15:35

it doesn’t spread- although it may thicken. it grows from seed.

bassadict69 – posted 01 June 2005 06:05

Dang-It…Guess I better put down some Bermuda also! That is what I thought I was buying but was in a hurry & didn’t read the bag well enough.

ted – posted 01 June 2005 09:14

just seed it again in a couple of months, depending upon your area.

bassadict69 – posted 01 June 2005 12:20

So fescue is a decent grass. I checked the bag yesterday but still don’t remember exactly which fescue it is. ?? Tall Fescue is all I remember.

This area of the yard gets practically no traffic from people or animals. It is just there!

I am in N.W. Louisiana…Shreveport

ted – posted 01 June 2005 14:15

there you go! no, you’re way too far south for fescue- too many problems with heat stress, fungus, etc.

bassadict69 – posted 01 June 2005 15:20

Well DAMN! I can’t believe everyone is selling it around here!

ted – posted 01 June 2005 19:26

i bet you’re getting it from national hardware stores???? they pretty much have the same products everywhere, irregardless of the area.

Turfmiester – posted 01 June 2005 21:32

Have you thought about trying Seashore Paspalum? Drought,heat, and salt water tollerant.

bassadict69 – posted 03 June 2005 06:44

Seashore Paspalum? Never heard of it!

If I let the Fescue start coming up then overseed with Bermuda, will it grow without all the soil preperation first?

Cary, NC – posted 05 June 2005 08:54

Don’t mix Fescue with Bermudagrass, they’re totally incompatible. They also different maintenance schedules, you could burn one of the other. Stick with either warm-season or cool-season grass.

If you really want your lawn to look gree year-round, the go with a warm-season grass, then overseed in the Fall with Ryegrass.

Why don’t you use Zoysia?

Turfmiester – posted 05 June 2005 09:02

Yeah, check out this address on Seashore Paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum)http://aggiehorticulture.tamu.edu/plantanswers/turf/publications/seashore.htmlIt is a sturdy grass that requries very little maintence.

bassadict69 – posted 06 June 2005 08:13

I would prefer bermuda over fescue so if they are incompatable that would be fine. I would care for it as if it were all bermuda to keep it thriving & let the fescue go.

I am not worried about it staying green year round. The fescue seed was a mistake on my part. Not paying attention to what I was buying.

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