DE fescue grass help!!!!

DE fescue grass help!!!!

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Delaware Grass Girl – posted 03 September 2005 16:07

In late June we had tall fescue sod installed. I watered as instructed but after approx. 6 weeks the grass quickly died. Our soil was tested and the pH level was 3.He removed the dying sod, treated the ground with lime and new sod was then installed. Please give me any tips/suggestions so that our new grass will thrive….Thank You

QWERTY – posted 03 September 2005 17:39

wait.. let me see if i read it right… the pH is 3??? You can come to Texas and take all the limestone rocks you want!

cohiba – posted 05 September 2005 10:12


Do you have a copy of the soil test? I would LOVE to see it! Anytime you get to that low a number there has got to be a major problem. What in Gods green earth could be driving the pH that low? Some sort of industrial site????

Anyway, at that pH you will need to treat more than once. Did they till after the old sod was removed? I would love to help but I need more info.


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