How to fill in gaps in new fescue sod

How to fill in gaps in new fescue sod

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bill11 – posted 06 March 2006 17:23

The person who laid the fescue sod left many gaps throughout the lawn. Other than these areas the grass in beautiful. What is the best way to fill in these gaps (anywhere from 2 to 10 inches). Is it to apply topsoil and seed? I am in tennessee and the sod was laid in october of 2005. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mister D – posted 06 March 2006 18:23

Fill in the gaps with top soil as soon as possible. The sod should not have been put down with gaps last year. After seeding put down Tupersan(siduron) to prevent grassy weeds like crabgrass on the whole lawn. Then fertilize. Tupersan is at your local nursery.Or, You can get Scotts Starter Fertilizer w/ Crabgrass preventor or Scotts Step 1 for Seeding. This is at Home Depot or ACE.

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