When is the best time to plug zoysia?

When is the best time to plug zoysia?

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Neal – posted 07 March 2004 15:02

Is zoysia best plugged when it is turning green or should you wait until it is completly green?

ted – posted 07 March 2004 19:50

actually zoysia is best not plugged at all! just sod it.

Neal – posted 08 March 2004 17:25

Yes,But I have some large patches that I would like to spread to other areas. Those plugs would be free, I would need to pay for sod.

Alex_in_FL – posted 09 April 2004 23:12

Neal: I would wait until the zoysia is green and growing. I also recommend when you cut your plugs that you soak them in water or at least fill the hole where they will go with water before you add the plug. The pieces of sod that I cut up and soaked for 10 minutes or so have done much better and grown faster.

Good luck.


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