What type of grass should I use for my new lawn?

What type of grass should I use for my new lawn?

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daveman8 – posted 20 September 2003 13:31

I live in Charlotte, NC and will be purchasing a new home. The question I need help on is what type of grass should I plant? The summer months here in Charlotte are between 90-100 degrees and we generally have little rain in the summer months. The winter is usually 25-40 degrees. Alo since the house is new there will be little shade. What would be my best seed type for these conditions. Thanks in advance for your help.

redbird – posted 25 September 2003 13:44

You are probably not receiving a response because no others on the forum are in your area. You should consider:

1) speaking to a landscaping professional regarding several variety oiptions.

2) visit several established lawns ( 2-3 years old) of each variety, compare the appearance. Knock on the door, ask the owner about maintenance/problems. Most will take a few minutes to talk to you – we all like to talk about our lawns.

Then you can return to the forum with specific questions about the varieties you are considering.


Swamp – posted 30 September 2003 21:32

I’m in Charlotte. Most lawns in the city these days are some variety of Fescue. You’ll see some Bermuda in some of the older neighborhoods but it’s mostly all fescue. Now, that doesn’t mean that Fescue is the right grass for Charlotte. I believe that its use here is more due to cost and convention than that it’s the perfect grass for Charlotte lawns. You see the same thing in Atlanta where newer homes are soded with Fescue while a drive down an older street in the winter revels lots of Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede.

I’m also building a home in Charlotte. In Skybrook in the north part of the county. Most houses there are planting fescue of course. But my builder gives me an option of turf and I plan to use Centipede. With the water problems we’ve had here, I feel that a hardier, more drought tolerant grass like Centipede is better choice. And the way it spreads, I’ll be making that choice for all my neighbors too. :-}

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