What seed can be used with St. Augustine?

What seed can be used with St. Augustine?

hankhill – posted 06 April 2003 19:49

Is there any kind of seed that I can use for my back yard that will not take over the St. Augustine that is around the house and in my neighbors yards. I live in NE FL so I need something that is drought resistant. The soil is partially sandy. The yard is mostly sunny with a few small trees. There will only be a little traffic on the grass.

Will-PCB – posted 11 April 2003 21:40

Why would you wish to overseed the St. Augustine? Just let it grow naturally and take over. I promise it will thicken up.

Should you start mixing grasses, then you have to start worrying about things like:

– Is this fertlizer right for both types of my grass, and if not … which grass type is the majority in my yard?

– mowing heights

– watering recommendations/needs

etc etc.

Just stick with what you have.

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