weed & feed help

weed & feed help

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bermudastaugustinecombo – posted 01 March 2007 16:45

I have about a 2 acre yard and have St Augustine around the house, which is spreading into the larger part of the yard (i want this)….when i took in part of the pasture for my yard i planted bermuda since it was cheaper and heartier for the baseball/football games played in that area.

I also have weeds in both (imagine that)…just learned that weed & feed for one kills the other, but I want both types of grasses. Eventually, hoping the Augustine will spread out. IS there a product that i can apply that will not harm either type of good grass and still kill the weeds????

AZBermudaman – posted 14 May 2007 15:19

There are several weed & feed products with Trimec. Best makes one that’s pretty good. Go to Trimec’s web site and they explain dosages for bermuda & St Aug. I’d err on the light side and maybe follow up later with a second application if you even need it.

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